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Simple tips to make the most of your LinkedIn profile

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Used properly, your LinkedIn profile can be a very important feature of your professional, online presence. LinkedIn not only helps you connect with people, build your network, and share your skills, qualifications and experience with future employers, but recruiters often use it to source new candidates. 

Your own personal profile includes details about your employment history, education, job qualifications and more. To get the most out of this powerful platform and grow your online brand as a professional, it is important to make sure your LinkedIn is clear, comprehensive and compelling. 

By making these few small improvements, your LinkedIn profile will have a much bigger impact!

  • Update your profile picture 

Your profile picture is a key element of your LinkedIn presence. Research shows that just having a picture makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed by others. As a recruiter, that means this little round image is your first chance to make a good impression on candidates. It might sound obvious, but make sure your photo looks like you! Don’t have an old unclear photo from 10 years ago. You want people to have a clear idea of what you look like if they met you tomorrow. 

  • Create a customised URL 

When you create your profile, LinkedIn with assign you a URL containing a string of numbers. Set a custom URL instead, one that is easy for you to remember and share. 

  • Use your resume to fill the experience section 

You can think of the Experience section of your LinkedIn profile as your online resume. It is important to include current and past employment, education, and industry. While you might not include every job in your past on a traditional resume, it is appropriate to include your entire work history on LinkedIn. 

  •  Add or update your contact information 

Check and make sure your email, phone number (if you are comfortable with it), website, and other (professional) social media platforms are included on your profile. You want to make sure you are easily contactable for great opportunities. 

  • Add a background 

Your cover photo sits in the blank banner above your profile picture. It’s the first thing people see on your page so you should use this to make a good first impression. It’s recommended to use an inoffensive image that means something to you which could be a landscape image or something to showcase your brand. Alternatively, you can use an image of yourself doing your job or a customised banner with text. 

  •  Improve your headline 

The description at the top of your profile page doesn’t just have to be your job title. Use the headline field to say a bit more about how you see your role, why you do what you do. Take this headline as an opportunity to impress potential employers and clients.  

If you are currently seeking employment and require further assistance, reach out to one of our friendly team members for advice. Our aim is to empower you with the tools to help gain employment and an individualised approach that aligns to your strengths. 

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